Authenticity and Condition

Authentic Pre-Owned Luxury Designer Items

Monalisa Creations only accepts authentic pre-owned luxury designer items. All items submitted for consignment or direct buy are authenticated by Monalisa Creations in-house authentication (using ENTRUPY) or one of our well-known and reputable authentication partners. If your item doesn't pass our authentication evaluation, it will be promptly returned to you.


We admit it, we're pretty picky when it comes to condition, and we only accept items that are in excellent to pristine condition for consignment and direct buy. While some exceptions may be made based upon rarity (especially in the case of one-of-a-kind or vintage designer items), here's what we look for when considering a consignment or direct buy:

  1. Authenticity: All items must pass muster with our authentication team and/or one of our authenticity partners. No exceptions.
  2. Clothing: All clothing should be freshly cleaned and ready for wear, with no major stains, pulls, tears, or smells! If clothing has been altered in any way, we ask that you disclose this during our consignment or direct buy consultation.
  3. Handbags: All bags and wallets should be free of major wear & tear, such as rubs, digs, tears, stains and smells to the exterior and interior. The exception to this rule is if the bag is rare/vintage and/or hard to find (Bonnie Cashin, for example).  If you have any authenticity paperwork, brand repair receipts, dust covers and boxes, include those as we're able to generate a higher sales price for bags including these items.
  4. Fashion Jewelry: Jewelry should be in excellent condition, with no missing stones, or broken pieces. If you have original boxes, paperwork and/or original pouches, include those as we're able to generate a higher sales price for jewelry including these items.