Q. What is the difference between consignment or direct buy?

A. Consignment is when your send or drop off your item(s) to Monalisa Creations to be sold on one of our platforms (eBay or 1stDibs) and receive a portion of the sale price after your item sells and ships to it's new owner. All items are the property of the Consignor until they are sold.

Direct Buy is when Monalisa Creations offers to directly buy your item(s) and issues payment to you immediately. After authenticating and appraising an item's value Monalisa Creations will typically offer a buyout price of approximately 60% of the item's resale value. Direct Buy price is not based on the original retail price of the item. All items sold to Monalisa Creations as a Direct Buy are final once payment has been issued.

Q. How do the logistics work?

A. After initial contact via phone or email, we'll ask for photos of your items so that we can assess brand, style and condition.  From there, you'll have a choice of either mailing your items to us or making arrangements for delivery.  In certain cases with our local clients, we offer a pick up service for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

Q. Which brands do you accept?

A. Click here to see a list of the brands we accept for consignment or direct buy. Please note that we only accept authentic items, that are in excellent pre-owned condition. For more on authenticity and condition, click here.

Q. What are your fees for consignment?

A. We offer 65% of any net sales price below $9000, and 70% of any net sales price over $9001. Please note that consignment scale is per item.

Q. Who determines the price of my item?

A. Monalisa Creations determines the market value through in-house research and metrics of comparable items. Factors include item condition, rarity and recent style trends.

Q. How long does it take to sell my item?

A. There are many factors to consider, but on average, most items sell between 30-60 days. In the case of higher-end items (priced above $3500), it can take 90 days or more after an item is placed on one of Monalisa Creations sites.