Bonnie Cashin and Vintage Coach Bags

Designer Bonnie Cashin (1907-2000) and Coach Leatherware

One of our favorite designers is Bonnie Cashin (1907-2000).  We've been hooked on Cashin since the 80s and have over 100 pieces in our personal archive.

Known as the 'mother of American Sportswear', Bonnie was known for her innovative use of materials such as leather and metal hardware, as well as her joyful, eye-popping colors, including bubblegum pink, aqua, rose and lime green.  Her thoughtfully designed pieces were crafted for the 'woman on the go', and included long skirts with dog leash fastener hitches, hidden purse pockets and bags designed to fold flat for travel! She is also known for designing for various fashion houses, from Coach Leatherware and Meyers, to Hermes Paris.  

We're always on the hunt for Bonnie Cashin and vintage Coach bags, so be sure to contact us if you're looking to consign, sell or buy a specific piece.